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Eliza Earsman was born and raised in the southern lowlands of Scotland. Police work and experience has brought her into close contact with most of those named in Days of Elijah (Revised): A True Story. See e.g. the bombing of Pan-Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988 and the continuing/raging controversy and publicity surrounding that event.

She is a member of several international literary communities. Her travels span such countries as the United States of America, Canada, Israel, Spain, Jordan, Portugal, Holland, Central and Eastern Europe, France, Australia, Scotland, Ireland, Malaysia and Korea.

Since 1987  Eliza has become an unintended agent provocateur re: the British Mountbatten-Windsor royal family, their Scottish Ritual Freemasons inner circles and their atrocities. In Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story their/Freemasonry’s intended World War Three atrocities are identified.

Although Eliza’s autobiographical works do not always follow conventional means, her brutally honest depictions have done much to raise international awareness about Freemasonry. Her high-profile published works include

Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story

A Collection of Verse.

PRESS RELEASE/bio/testimonials on http://www.elizaearsman.com

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  1. Author bio/Testimonials/PRESS RELEASE at:


  2. Thank you for visiting my page.


  3. This is very exciting Ms. Earsman. I have been doing some reading at this site:


    ….which is dove-tailing nicely with your new book. “JAH” (from Ireland?) speaks of all of God’s children uniting together to fight the Hidden Hand of these secret societies. He specifically writes of the leader and the “40 years” that you mentioned in your interview with Yvonne.

    I’m ready to rock these NWO satanists….let’s roll.

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