Detroit Airport bomb alert Christmas Day 2009.

URGENT. Detroit Airport bomb alert Christmas Day 2009.


Your help is needed.

The following interview contains info which was sent – way back in August 2009 – to ROBERT SWAN MUELLER, DIRECTOR OF FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, USA. Scroll down to MUELLER. His acknowledged receipt is retained.

As the details at DETROIT AIRPORT on Christmas Day 2009 verify, he is not acting swiftly on that info!

We are asking therefore that this information be sent to as many local, regional, national and international NEWSPAPER EDITORS as possible, as well as local/international FBI agents. This message can be copied and pasted. Please forward also to your individual networks.

Anything to get light through, and action taken! Security analysis verified.

Thank you. God Bless.





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  1. Eliza,
    can’t believe the information you provided! How can I help?

    • Eugenia,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Answer to your query/how can you help:

      By raising as much international and public awareness as possible e.g. emailing to NEWSPAPER EDITORS/networks/literary agents/adding to blogs etc.

      More info is on my website , and this WordPress blog is updated fairly regularly.

      Have a great day Eugenia and again – thanks.


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