Feedback – ref Freemasonry.

Feedback from reliable sources – ref Freemasonry:

1.  Eliza,  Not too surprised at the response from Director Mueller (see post of 7 January 2010 re URGENT. Detroit Airport bomb alert Christmas Day 2009). I worked counterintelligence and counterterrorism investigations for 19 years in the FBI and reported severe problems within the FBI to Director Mueller to no avail.  My book “While America Sleeps: An FBI Whistleblower’s Story” describes some of the problems within the FBI and the lack of accountability and oversight.  John.

2.  If people realized the workings behind the scenes by the power brokers in this world I think a majority of people would start questioning a lot of government’s moves.


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  1. Youre book sounds exciting. Congratulations on getting it finished. I know that’s a big step. Good luck and enjoy all the marketing and building an audence.


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