The Chilcot/Iraq War Inquiry. Extra information/urgent.

Eliza Earsman was SPECIFICALLY in Israel in December 2002 and in Jordan during the last days of 2002/early days of January 2003.  The Scottish Ritual Freemasonry/New World Order ‘scripted’ WAR IN IRAQ began in 2003.


WHY was I spending so much time at the British Embassy in Amman, Jordan?  (Christopher Norman Russell Prentice, born 5 September 1954, was the then British Ambassador to Jordan. He is the current HM British Ambassador to IRAQ, the fourth appointed in four years.)

WHY was JACK WHITAKER STRAW British FOREIGN SECRETARY so specifically and Masonically involved?

WHERE were the BLAIRS in the opening hours of January 2003?  See e.g.

NOTE: The above are all specific representatives of the Mountbatten-Windsor HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II of Britain.

WHY was I specifically communicating with King Abdullah II of Jordan during the time of my Jordanian visit?

WHY was I so specifically sitting at a desk in front of  a senior member of King Abdullah II’s staff, at his Raghadan Palace, Amman?

WHY did the said King Abdullah II order that I be given a personal gift from him?

PLEASE, PLEASE, MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: do not be waylaid by Scottish Ritual Masonic liars. That war was scripted and is further scripted to do more damage.

WHAT is the story behind all this?  ASK, ASK, ASK!

ALL the details are on record/s.


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