Scottish Ritual Freemasonry’s intended New World Order/World War Three. ‘Planting their own’ in e.g. Iraq/Afghanistan.

As some accuse the Chilcot Inquiry of  ‘stirring whitewash’ Geoffrey William HOON – British Secretary for Defence (1999–2005) announces he will quit the British Parliament in June 2010.

February 18, 2010/Ireland. The Masonic Willie O’DEA, bites the dust and resigns as Irish Minister for Defence (September 2004-18 February 2010).  O’Dea’s Limerick constituency has Shannon Airport – western European stopping off point for Scottish Ritual Freemasonry’s troop movements to/from e.g. Iraq. (2003-2008 approx. 1.2 million passed through. Ongoing!)

More will follow – Masonic files are open and public.


War deaths – shocking and sobering:

The Masonic Queen Elizabeth II of Britain – assisted by Scottish Ritual Freemasonry’s ‘leaders’ – is directly responsible for these war deaths. (Her family’s inner circles consist mainly of Jardine-Mathieson opium barons/see e.g. Opium Wars – China.)  Further details in ‘Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story’ ISBN 978-0-9556248-2-7.

(It is nearly impossible to get accurate war dead numbersthey acrue daily – which is why estimates vary. E.g. many Iraqi/Afghan people bury war dead family members without notifying official agencies/some govt. agencies play down figures for political reasons.  The following are details from reliable sources):

Iraqi deaths due to US invasion: 1,366,350.

Afghan deaths: to be added.

Afghanistan Military Coalition Fatalities:  2001-2010: 1666.

Iraq Military Coalition Fatalities 2003-2010:  4695.

Tony Blair says: ‘He will/would do it all again!’

(Author temporarily in Scotland.)


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