Pope Benedict XVI – (see Vienna’s Jesuits/Obere) will meet Queen Elizabeth II (Mountbatten-Windsor), and other Masonic ‘dignitaries’ at Palace of Holyroodhouse* in Edinburgh on September 16 2010.

Author temporarily in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Further info  www.elizaearsman.com

In the nonfiction A COLLECTION OF VERSE – 108 pages nonfiction, ISBN 978-0-9556248-1-0 Copyright 2009, Eliza Earsman writes:

Lest She Forgets.’ ‘Lest we!’

(World Wars I and II:  worldwide Remembrance Days for those who gave their lives to fight against the evil. ‘For our today they gave their tomorrow. For our tomorrows they gave their todays.’ Lest we forget!

That poem – seven pages – has been penned in the quickest way I know to help summarize and identify what is going on. Here is the opening excerpt):


(Ref: Scottish Ritual Freemasonry, HQ 96 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. Britain’s UGLE Mountbatten-Windsor royal family (United Grand Lodge of England) + second generation Nazi ‘Bones folk’ (Skull and Bones Masonic Lodge USA). House of Battenberg (anglicized to Mountbatten), Am Hof, Vienna, Austria. Obere!)

Sun slid behind the mountains,

Missing links are entertained.

Decent dignity suspended—

Handloom weavers quickly thread.

Seas of blood and time and lives—

Shuttles cease, disintegrate.

Jack boots worn in closets,

Phony Phoenix* showing face!

Ref: *Phoenix bird emblem worn on Nazi regalia. The Phoenix is rising from the ashes—of the WW2 (leading to World War Three) Holocaust.


Pope Benedict XVI, born Joseph Alois Ratzinger 16 April 1927 (see Vienna’s Jesuits/Obere) head of the Roman Catholic Church, will meet Queen Elizabeth II (Mountbatten-Windsor), and other Masonic ‘dignitaries’ at the Palace of Holyroodhouse* in Edinburgh on September 16 2010.

Their Queen Elizabeth II is the governor of the Masonic Church of England. Vatican Masonic lodge/inner circle is P2.

Ratzinger was invited to tour Britain by Gordon Brown, who has had several audiences with the Pope as both Chancellor and Prime Minister. Remember the New World Order/World War Three details of: Bush-Blair-Brown-Rothschild.

Further details on  www.elizaearsman.com

This will be the first ever official Papal state visit to Britain. (Pope John Paul II’s 1982 trip was a pastoral one)

Before traveling to Glasgow, Benedict XVI will parade in his Popemobile up the Royal Mile, Edinburgh. He will go also to St Bennets, Greenhill, Edinburgh, home of Cardinal Keith O’Brien (Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh/president of the Catholics Bishops’ Conference of Scotland). Prior to Ratzinger being elected Pope, O’Brien was exposed  on Scottish Television giving ‘bookmaker’s odds’ re (his) – prearranged – election as Pope! Ratzinger is there in place of him.

Forget not the agenda folks – New World Order/World War Three and Scottish Ritual Freemasonry’s satanic details!

*For reference: Not so long ago The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, was permanently swimming in human waste. Twice a day people from tenement houses would empty their buckets full of sewage etc directly onto the street  with no more warning for those below than a quick “GardyLoo!” (from the French ‘garde a l’eau’). The upper and middle classes lived on the higher floors, away from the smell and the filth. The poorer folk had to pretty much live in it.

Their Royal Mile is a narrow volcanic spine which runs from Edinburgh Castle downhill to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. By definition the waste ran into a cesspit upon which that Palace stands.


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