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‘Your writing is intellectually stimulating and challenging, sophisticated and witty, and deliciously unorthodox.’

‘Excellent mechanics and command of grammar, varied and entertaining sentence structure, delightfully original wordplay and imagery, great transitions.’

‘Your imagery runs the gamut from pastoral to gritty, to surreal and madcap! No complaints there!’

‘Emotional power: through the roof! You have made the reader crawl inside your skin.’

‘Your love of God and family is writ large.’

‘Fantastic story, tenacity and bravery is emblazoned on every page.’

‘What a rollercoaster of a ride! Brimful of high stakes, world-class villains, and perils galore—all presided over by a globetrotting heroine with a take-no-prisoners attitude.’

‘Your true story has the spine-tingling attributes of a thriller.’

‘The flower on your book ‘A Collection of Verse’ represents growing up among the weeds.  You are that person bursting thru weeds to tell this story.’

‘Masonic blood-lines (e.g. world ‘leaders’) are being SELECTED – not elected!’


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These quotes may in part serve the purpose of summarizing details:

  • Telling the amazing story of Eliza Earsman
  • unprepared for what was about to unfold
  • so interesting is the sheer unbelievableness.
  • Yet all the facts are clearly presented.
  • Pictures offered, names and dates and locations all given.
  • Why has this story – and all that it entails – been kept locked away?
  • The answer  is revealed in the story – one that you will have to read to believe.

If you have an intriguing mind or have experienced some things in your life that have led you to question the currently presented storyline of history, then this book is a must have.

It will open your eyes to what is going on around, and your heart to the author for having the courage and will to present this story.’


Thanks for messages of support. The details on the websites mentioned above are authenticated and nonfiction.

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Scottish Ritual Freemasonry’s intended New World Order/World War Three. ‘Planting their own’ in e.g. Iraq/Afghanistan.

As some accuse the Chilcot Inquiry of  ‘stirring whitewash’ Geoffrey William HOON – British Secretary for Defence (1999–2005) announces he will quit the British Parliament in June 2010.

February 18, 2010/Ireland. The Masonic Willie O’DEA, bites the dust and resigns as Irish Minister for Defence (September 2004-18 February 2010).  O’Dea’s Limerick constituency has Shannon Airport – western European stopping off point for Scottish Ritual Freemasonry’s troop movements to/from e.g. Iraq. (2003-2008 approx. 1.2 million passed through. Ongoing!)

More will follow – Masonic files are open and public.


War deaths – shocking and sobering:

The Masonic Queen Elizabeth II of Britain – assisted by Scottish Ritual Freemasonry’s ‘leaders’ – is directly responsible for these war deaths. (Her family’s inner circles consist mainly of Jardine-Mathieson opium barons/see e.g. Opium Wars – China.)  Further details in ‘Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story’ ISBN 978-0-9556248-2-7.

(It is nearly impossible to get accurate war dead numbersthey acrue daily – which is why estimates vary. E.g. many Iraqi/Afghan people bury war dead family members without notifying official agencies/some govt. agencies play down figures for political reasons.  The following are details from reliable sources):

Iraqi deaths due to US invasion: 1,366,350.

Afghan deaths: to be added.

Afghanistan Military Coalition Fatalities:  2001-2010: 1666.

Iraq Military Coalition Fatalities 2003-2010:  4695.

Tony Blair says: ‘He will/would do it all again!’

(Author temporarily in Scotland.)

The Chilcot/Iraq War Inquiry. Extra information/urgent.

Eliza Earsman was SPECIFICALLY in Israel in December 2002 and in Jordan during the last days of 2002/early days of January 2003.  The Scottish Ritual Freemasonry/New World Order ‘scripted’ WAR IN IRAQ began in 2003.


WHY was I spending so much time at the British Embassy in Amman, Jordan?  (Christopher Norman Russell Prentice, born 5 September 1954, was the then British Ambassador to Jordan. He is the current HM British Ambassador to IRAQ, the fourth appointed in four years.)

WHY was JACK WHITAKER STRAW British FOREIGN SECRETARY so specifically and Masonically involved?

WHERE were the BLAIRS in the opening hours of January 2003?  See e.g.

NOTE: The above are all specific representatives of the Mountbatten-Windsor HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II of Britain.

WHY was I specifically communicating with King Abdullah II of Jordan during the time of my Jordanian visit?

WHY was I so specifically sitting at a desk in front of  a senior member of King Abdullah II’s staff, at his Raghadan Palace, Amman?

WHY did the said King Abdullah II order that I be given a personal gift from him?

PLEASE, PLEASE, MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: do not be waylaid by Scottish Ritual Masonic liars. That war was scripted and is further scripted to do more damage.

WHAT is the story behind all this?  ASK, ASK, ASK!

ALL the details are on record/s.

The Chilcot/Iraq War Inquiry.

History/autobiography/current events. Authenticated nonfiction.

Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story – further info on – is a WAR DOCUMENT. Details were lodged in 2005 with THE INSTITUTE OF WAR DOCUMENTATION, Holland.

If the truth is to be known about the war in IRAQ/ Scottish Ritual Freemasonry/World War Three/New World Order SCRIPTED agenda, ALL the details are to be opened.

Please forward to newspaper editors/professional others.

To all who have assisted so far – thank you.


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Admiral Thomas B. Fargo and Admiral William J. Fallon (PACOM/CENTCOM/PEARL HARBOUR)

Eliza Earsman has spent time aboard the USN JOHN C. STENNIS – at this time the world’s largest nuclear powered/nuclear armed warship.

Commanding officers of the STENNIS e.g. (the Masonic) Admiral Thomas B. Fargo and Admiral William J.  Fallon (PACOM/CENTCOM/PEARL HARBOUR) are officially aware of the work of this Days of Elijah author.

The USN John C. Stennis has a crew of 5,000 + surrounding fleets.

Following a 2008 publication of Days of Elijah: A True Story the top US military commander for Iraq and Afghanistan ADMIRAL WILLIAM J. FALLON quit (11 March 2008).

Masonic files are open and public!

Author Interviews/Articles on request.