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SCOTTISH RITUAL FREEMASONRY: a group that tries fervently to stay under the radar!

There is awareness and recognition that details involved in the frequently updated affect us all.

I have done much to enhance international communication. In 2005 I made sure the details of Days of Elijah: A True Story were lodged with The Institute of War Documentation in Holland.

History is proving that the details are correct but that public reaction time is much too slow.

Your help is appreciated.

About the Author:

My author name is Eliza Earsman. I was born and raised in the southern uplands of Scotland in a decent working class family. I am a committed Christian, and enjoy family, variety, clean air and fresh people. The networking opportunities afforded by belonging to several international groups means I can ‘tune in’ and request prayer help, professional assistance and advice. My Holy Bible is open daily. Apart from that and keeping abreast of news headlines I don’t at the moment find time for reading.

Police work and experience has brought me into close contact with most of those named in Days of Elijah (Revised): A True Story. See e.g. the bombing of Pan-Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988. I have as a result become an agent provocateur re: the British Mountbatten-Windsor royal family, their Scottish Ritual Freemasons inner circles/familiar spirits and their atrocities.

My travels span such countries as the United States of America, Canada, Israel, Spain, Jordan, Portugal, Holland, Central and Eastern Europe, France, Australia, Britain, Ireland, Malaysia and Korea. My autobiographical works do not always follow conventional means, but the brutally honest depictions have done much to raise international awareness about Freemasonry.