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URGENT. Vindication – see details in my nonfiction writings.

The former boss of MI5 has said Iraq posed no threat to the UK when Tony Blair took the country to war. Ex-security service chief Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller said’ intelligence’ suggested the domestic threat could increase as a result of the invasion.

She made the remarks in an interview in which she said she “assumes” there will be bombs attacks in Britain. “Iraq did not present a threat to the UK,” she told the Radio Times about the 2003 war, which was led by the then-American president George W Bush and Mr Blair, who was the British prime minister at the time.


See for reference posts on this BLOG of e.g. 31 January 2010 – and 30 January 2010:

Eliza Earsman was SPECIFICALLY in Israel in December 2002 and in Jordan during the last days of 2002/early days of January 2003.  The Scottish Ritual Freemasonry/New World Order ‘scripted’ WAR IN IRAQ began in March 2003.


WHY was I spending so much time at the British Embassy in Amman, Jordan?  (Christopher Norman Russell Prentice, born 5 September 1954, was the then British Ambassador to Jordan. He is the current HM British Ambassador to IRAQ, the fourth appointed in four years.)

WHY was JACK WHITAKER STRAW British FOREIGN SECRETARY so specifically and Masonically involved?

WHERE were the BLAIRS in the opening hours of January 2003?  See e.g.

NOTE: The above are all specific representatives of the Mountbatten-Windsor HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II of Britain.

WHY was I specifically communicating with King Abdullah II of Jordan during the time of my Jordanian visit?

WHY was I so specifically sitting at a desk in front of  a senior member of King Abdullah II’s staff, at his Raghadan Palace, Amman?

WHY did the said King Abdullah II order that I be given a personal gift from him?

PLEASE, PLEASE, MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: do not be waylaid by Scottish Ritual Masonic liars. That war was scripted and is further scripted to do more damage.

WHAT is the story behind all this?  ASK, ASK, ASK!

ALL the details are on record/s. Official receipts are contained in A COLLECTION OF VERSE – 114 pages nonfiction – available at

See also


LIBYA/BOMBING OF PAN-AM 103 – the  Boeing 747 jumbo jet en route from London to New York was blown out of the sky over Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, in December 1988.

March 30 2011: MUAMMAR GADDAFI’S former ‘intelligence chief’ MOUSSA KOUSSA defects to Britain.

Prosecutors have asked to interview Koussa about the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. Quote from David Cameron, British Prime Minister:

… ‘authorities, independent of government, should follow their evidence wherever it leads.

I, Christian author ELIZA EARSMAN, have a feeling that wherever it leads is going to be a lot closer to home than Cameon wants people to know!


ELIZA EARSMAN again stands by, and draws attention to, these statements in her blog posts of 27 July 2010 and 23 October 2010:

‘REF. that 1988 bombing of PAN-AM 103:

Open LOCKERBIE details (the town/the people) and Scottish Ritual Freemasonry Lodge 258 Quhytewoollen – later used as a mortuary for the 270 victims of the bombing of Pan-Am 103.

The people of LOCKERBIE – and that includes Police, Procurators Fiscal and Court officials – do not have an honest face between them!’

(The author’s place of birth is 12-14 miles from Lockerbie.)


CARDINAL KEITH O’BRIEN, Scotland, adds his voice re the blog details below. He says: from the moment Megrahi, a Libyan citizen, was convicted there had been “voices have been raised in protest”. He will be signing the petition calling for an inquiry.

For details of the same CARDINAL KEITH O’BRIEN see previous posts on this blog site!

Thanks to all who are forwarding to JOURNALISTS/NEWS EDITORS/etc. Help get the light through.


In one week more than 1,200 people have backed an independent inquiry into the conviction of the Lockerbie bomber. A petition was lodged at the Scottish Parliament urging ministers to look again at the 2001 trial, which saw Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi become the only man to be found guilty of the 1988 terror attack.

One year after the Libyan’s release on compassionate grounds, campaigners launched the new attempt to secure an inquiry. The appeal is being led by pressure group JUSTICE FOR MEGRAHI and involves DR JIM SWIRE whose daughter Fiona was killed in the Pan Am bombing.

The petition was lodged 8 October 2010, can be accessed through the Scottish Parliament website, and closes Thursday next week.

NOTE: I again draw attention to this statement in my blog post of 27 July 2010:  ‘Open LOCKERBIE details (the town/the people) and Scottish Ritual Freemasonry Lodge 258 Quhytewoollen – later used as a mortuary for the 270 victims of the bombing of Pan-Am 103. The people of Lockerbie – and that includes Police, Procurators Fiscal and Court officials – do not have an honest face between them!’


Feedback is good re A COLLECTION OF VERSE. Fact filled and serious. Pay particular attention to pages 91-97.  Share with others/help enhance international recognition.


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In 2005 I made sure the details in DAYS OF ELIJAH (REVISED): A TRUE STORY were lodged with the INSTITUTE OF WAR DOCUMENTATION, Holland. History is proving the details are correct but that public reaction time is slow. Help enhance international recognition.


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Freemasonry: busy day Thursday in Edinburgh!

Thursday, 16 September 2010:

US senate officials, representing Senator Robert Menendez, investigating the release of the Lockerbie bomber are to hold talks with the Scottish government in Edinburgh on Thursday, 16 September 2010.

Joseph Alois Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) visits Edinburgh on the same day, to meet with e.g. Queen Elizabeth II and Cardinal Keith O’Brien – see earlier posts on this blog.

Busy day Thursday in Edinburgh!

Kenny MacAskill – Scottish ‘Justice Secretary’/Freemasonry

Scottish Ritual Freemasonry:

The Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill re e.g. the release of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi says:

“I believe the law of Scotland has served the people of Scotland well and I’m delighted that we have a system that does make sure that those who perpetrate crimes, whether heinous or minor, are brought to account and face the consequences for their action.”


If anyone wants names and addresses as starting points just contact me! I have no qualms about giving more of them.

See details in Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story by Eliza Earsman –

Back in circulation. Please pray.

I’ve had a couple of weeks offline while moving accommodation but am now back in circulation.

Please pray circumstances change rapidly.  Much is involved and time is being lost.

More updates shortly.

Please note: this (verifiably nonfiction) quote re Scottish Ritual Freemasonry/intended NEW WORLD ORDER/scripted World War Three comes from a visitor.  Worth serious recognition:

Scottish Ritual Masonic blood-lines (e.g. world politicians) are being SELECTED – not elected!