Robert Mueller III, Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States of America:

FBI director Robert Mueller traveled to Tripoli to meet Libyan prime minister Abdurahim el-Keib to discuss the investigation into the 1988 Pan Am bombing that killed hundreds over Lockerbie (see previous posts). Robert Mueller lll was involved in the original enquiry.

This meeting took place April 25 2012 but was not publicized at the time for security reasons.

I retain copies of information sent to Robert Mueller lll—sent 24 August 2009. Receipt acknowledged 25 August 2009.

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Admiral Thomas B. Fargo and Admiral William J. Fallon (PACOM/CENTCOM/PEARL HARBOUR)

Eliza Earsman has spent time aboard the USN JOHN C. STENNIS – at this time the world’s largest nuclear powered/nuclear armed warship.

Commanding officers of the STENNIS e.g. (the Masonic) Admiral Thomas B. Fargo and Admiral William J.  Fallon (PACOM/CENTCOM/PEARL HARBOUR) are officially aware of the work of this Days of Elijah author.

The USN John C. Stennis has a crew of 5,000 + surrounding fleets.

Following a 2008 publication of Days of Elijah: A True Story the top US military commander for Iraq and Afghanistan ADMIRAL WILLIAM J. FALLON quit (11 March 2008).

Masonic files are open and public!

Author Interviews/Articles on request.

Feedback – ref Freemasonry.

Feedback from reliable sources – ref Freemasonry:

1.  Eliza,  Not too surprised at the response from Director Mueller (see post of 7 January 2010 re URGENT. Detroit Airport bomb alert Christmas Day 2009). I worked counterintelligence and counterterrorism investigations for 19 years in the FBI and reported severe problems within the FBI to Director Mueller to no avail.  My book “While America Sleeps: An FBI Whistleblower’s Story” describes some of the problems within the FBI and the lack of accountability and oversight.  John.

2.  If people realized the workings behind the scenes by the power brokers in this world I think a majority of people would start questioning a lot of government’s moves.

Detroit Airport bomb alert Christmas Day 2009.

URGENT. Detroit Airport bomb alert Christmas Day 2009.


Your help is needed.

The following interview contains info which was sent – way back in August 2009 – to ROBERT SWAN MUELLER, DIRECTOR OF FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, USA. Scroll down to MUELLER. His acknowledged receipt is retained.

As the details at DETROIT AIRPORT on Christmas Day 2009 verify, he is not acting swiftly on that info!

We are asking therefore that this information be sent to as many local, regional, national and international NEWSPAPER EDITORS as possible, as well as local/international FBI agents. This message can be copied and pasted. Please forward also to your individual networks.

Anything to get light through, and action taken! Security analysis verified.

Thank you. God Bless.



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