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The Chilcot/Iraq War Inquiry.

History/autobiography/current events. Authenticated nonfiction.

Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story – further info on www.elizaearsman.com – is a WAR DOCUMENT. Details were lodged in 2005 with THE INSTITUTE OF WAR DOCUMENTATION, Holland.

If the truth is to be known about the war in IRAQ/ Scottish Ritual Freemasonry/World War Three/New World Order SCRIPTED agenda, ALL the details are to be opened.

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Admiral Thomas B. Fargo and Admiral William J. Fallon (PACOM/CENTCOM/PEARL HARBOUR)

Eliza Earsman has spent time aboard the USN JOHN C. STENNIS – at this time the world’s largest nuclear powered/nuclear armed warship.

Commanding officers of the STENNIS e.g. (the Masonic) Admiral Thomas B. Fargo and Admiral William J.  Fallon (PACOM/CENTCOM/PEARL HARBOUR) are officially aware of the work of this Days of Elijah author.

The USN John C. Stennis has a crew of 5,000 + surrounding fleets.

Following a 2008 publication of Days of Elijah: A True Story the top US military commander for Iraq and Afghanistan ADMIRAL WILLIAM J. FALLON quit (11 March 2008).

Masonic files are open and public!

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